How to throw a Wasp Wingy

Let’s learn the secret of throwing Wasp Wingy. It’s easy if you just follow these simple steps.

Start by grasping Wasp Wingy by the tips of your fingers and your thumb in a pinching fashion.

Throw Wasp Wingy overhand. Similar to throwing a ball, with a wrist snap at the end.

Swinging your arm in a straight line, starting over the head, and releasing in the direction you want it to fly, works best.

Avoid throwing Wasp Wingy at an angle and keep your wrists from twisting left or right when you release.

Just remember to give Wasp Wingy that final, vertical wrist snap to really get it spinning.

After you get the hang of throwing Wasp Wingy, and getting it to sail through the air, you’ll be ready for games of catch, Wasp Wingy golf or whatever your imagination can create. Let us know what you come up with.